Décor & Fabricage in India’s prominent manufacturer and supplier of Stainless Steel Decorative Profiles. With a wide range of SS Decorative Profile in our stock, we can cater to your requirments quickly. Décor & Fabricage Profile Manufacturer and supplier high-quality Chairs, Tables, CLADDING, CONSOLE, DECORATIVE CURTAINS, DINNING SET, CONSOLES, FABRICATED LEGS,MAIN DOORS, OTTOMAN, PARTITIONS, RAILINGS. Many things in life don’t go out of fashion. Classic furniture designs is among them. Console furniture that has European and Latin origins since early 1700s has been considered as modern, distinctive and also as a definitive style statement for royalty. Console tables were considered as decorative furniture pieces when initially introduced and didn’t really have any functionality linked to their designs. Stainless steel has been added as a new material for creating console furniture that has been rediscovered as among ‘must have’ lifestyle accessories. Let loose your creativity while designing console furniture with crisp lines. Add colours from the palettes and ensure your masterpiece creation is neither excessive nor flamboyant. Console table design has now become more practical while maintaining their distinctive design characteristics. Console tables are generally narrow, space-efficient and easy to place in entryways or hallways. Some designers have even used diamonds in exquisite console tables. Décor & Fabricage helps design enthusiasts and professionals to visualize various shapes and forms for their console table projects.

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