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Décor and Fabricage– A full term service of interior design and warm decor. This name itself means designing and fabrication. The company is committed to high-tech designs and create an easy budget. Interior Designing in India is no longer a luxury but a basic amenity for standard living. Shrinking space is one of the reasons for the growth of interior design. No matter commercial or residential, Banquets restaurants, Office or Gym, we provide a wide range of steel fabrication services & installation pan India.

100% Off Stainless Steel

A perfect fusion of 100% Off Stainless Steel and beauty, our Stainless steel Products will surely catch your attention. our product is Super and bright and glistening.

Multiple Design

A perfect fusion of Multiple Design and beauty, our Multiple Design Products will surely catch your attention. our product is Super and bright and glistening.

3D Model of Your Space

A perfect fusion of 3D Model of Your Space and beauty, our 3D Model of Your Space idea will surely catch your attention. our 3D Model is Super and bright and glistening.

Color Palette

A perfect fusion of Color Palette and beauty, our Color Palette idea will surely catch your attention. our Color Palette is Super and bright and glistening.

Our History

Abreast of arousing creative themes, exquisite designs, and smart execution is all about Décor and Fabricage. Sometimes you are not able to balance in between your mind, heart, and pocket, we give you all solutions. To date with the energetic team, we have delivered outstanding projects through which countless customers are attached to us.

Some applications include: Door cladding, Wall cladding, Pillar cladding, Laser cut partition, Wall-arts, Lift cladding, False ceiling, Kitchen backsplash, Staircase railing, etc. Catering to both individual and corporate segments.


Our Company works with a firm belief that no organization can be successful until they have a robust infrastructure. Going in the same, we have evolved our infrastructure as per the changing market environment and technology. Today, we are well equipped with all the necessary machinery and equipment, which assist us in manufacturing products that can match various quality standards.


Our modern warehousing unit has sufficient capacity to store the bulk Aluminum profiles & stainless steel decorative profiles. We have experienced inventory managers, who keep a complete record of incoming and outgoing products. All the products are stored in a segregated manner to avoid any confusion during dispatch.

Prior to the dispatch, all the products are carefully packed to ensure safe delivery. The packages are properly labeled with complete information about the products. Moreover, our logistics department is always updated with the special packaging requirements for export consignments.

What is PVD coating?

Physical Vapor Deposition, or PVD, is a term used to describe a family of coating processes.

The most common of these PVD coating processes are evaporation (typically using cathodic arc or electron beam sources), and sputtering (using magnetic enhanced sources or “magnetrons”, cylindrical or hollow cathode sources). All of these processes occur in a vacuum at working pressure (typically 10-2 to 10-4 bar) and generally involve bombardment of the substrate to be coated with energetic positively charged ions during the coating process to promote high density. Additionally, reactive gases such as nitrogen, acetylene, or oxygen may be introduced into the vacuum chamber during metal deposition to create various compound coating compositions. The result is a very strong bond between the coating and the tooling substrate and tailored physical, structural, and tribological properties of the film.

The potential applications for PVD coatings are constantly expanding. That being said, PVD coatings can be separated into two very broad categories: functional and decorative coatings.

Functional PVD coatings are engineered to improve the life and overall performance of a tool or component; thereby, reducing the cost-per-part in manufacturing. Examples of functional PVD coating would be Titanium Nitride (TiN) on an HSS end mill.

Decorative PVD coatings are deposited to improve the appearance of a part, as well as to provide some wear resistance characteristics: improvements to both form and function. An example of decorative PVD coating would be the deposition of a Zr-based film onto a stainless steel door handle in order to provide a brass-colored coating, but with wear and tarnish resistance greater than real brass.



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We are located in New Delhi & we are equipped with all the latest technologies for rendering the best tour esteem clients. Our sound infrastructure facility assists us in offering an impeccable range in compliance with international quality standards.

It is one of the reputed Delhi base Stainless steel Fabrication Companies known for its transparent and pure work. The sole aim is to deliver the customers the highest quality and satisfaction with the work. Credibility and ethics is the main aim of the company. Being our customer you will not be combating any problem that usually being fresher customer finds such as price, Peculiarity, and Portage. We believe in delivering the best output that you actually deserve.

Evolving ourselves with time, we have secured a special place for ourselves within the industry as well as among our clients in the domestic as well as international markets.

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